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About Kathryn

"I find great satisfaction and joy in the creative process. When I am involved in a project I tend to lose track of time as the work on the piece pulls me along. My goal is to continue finding fulfillment in producing pieces that are appreciated by those that find value in my interpretations. Whether people like or dislike the artwork, I want the work to elicit some response. There is variety to my work because I like to experiment with technique and movement through different media. New forms and subjects seem to intensify my anticipation for the next project. It is all so much fun."

Born and raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho Kathryn Martin started drawing at an early age. Under her father's tutelage she sketched the vistas from the wheat fields and desert to the trees and squirrels in the near-by park. She was determined to be a free-lance artist until in Junior High her mother explained that it would not be a "secure career".

However, her desire to be involved in the arts simmered for years and was encouraged by her father's example, by a minor in art history, by the study of art in Italy, by her many artist friends and through years of instruction in varied media. Upon retirement she began to produce works and delve into different art processes. Kathryn's attraction and enjoyment of print making was enhanced by her five year study with other artists.

Kathryn Hutchinson has lived in Eugene, Oregon since the early 60's. She is a wife and mother of three children and is a co-owner of Studio Amiche in Eugene, Oregon. Studio Amiche is a fine art studio specializing in the creation and display of original paintings and fine art prints. She is an active community volunteer and supporter of the arts.


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